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SPACEFISH | First revelation is LED

Just after a few hours of publishing my previous post about "Hink." anticipated flash gun, Lighting Rumors (LR) were the first to divulged one of the feature. The obscure product would cater an light emitting diode (LED) modelling light that would became first of it's kind. 

I definitely agree with the LR article where it would be a gratification for the users to see how how the light will shape their subject. This feature will also be a tremendous aid for the photographers in their focusing (especially for cameras without AF Assist light) when shooting in dark environment or at night.

I do like this feature but not entirely overwhelmed by it. We still cannot consider this as a home run for Hink. because there are still speculations that runs my mind like if this flash goes with an LED light it means it will consume more energy? Bigger power output means a new power source must be made?  But still the promised flash gun does made its first base and there are few more bases to fill in until they can score in the board. By the way before I forget there was a little good news that they answered me about the price.

"We're not finalised on price yet, but the plan is not to price ourselves out of the market!"

Guy's let me hear some of your thoughts about this mysterious product and maybe we can crack some answers with the Hink. team.

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