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THE SPECTATOR : Sony DI Challenge II Candid scene 4th challenge

The Sony DI Challenge II is about to end as it is now on its last stage of the challenge. This will be my final push to be Sony’s amateur photographer winner (If I got lucky), we’ll never know until the final curtain falls at the awarding ceremony. So let us go back with the entry I made because this will be my final justification for this challenge. The 4th challenge was all about capturing a candid scene, to elaborate it a little further I need to take photos of a human subject by not knowing I’m snapping them. As I was thinking of what to capture I always remember the phrase from a mentor couple of years ago that if you capture an image it should have some story to it.


A Killer Deal by Dreamcamshop

Have you ever tried renting equipments before? If not and you are here in UAE better consider it as there is an awesome deal that was being offered. Dreamcamshop a photography equipment rental shop just celebrated their 1st year anniversary and did an incredible deal to their customers by dropping the rental fee of all their equipments for just 99 AED (26.96 USD) for the first day. 


Shutterbug: Sony DI Challenge II Depth of Field challenge

Hey guys! I know I have been quiet the past few days and I need to share with you what was happening. Unfortunately I need to borrowed wifey’s laptop because I don’t have mine right now and had no time to write due to some workloads that needs to be finish. The last time I shared with you my thoughts on doing HDR (High Dynamic Range Images) which I can say I have been progressing from the previous research I have been doing. Some of you might be wondering why I have to the HDR thingy the hard way and there’s an option with the Sony Alpha A77 where they incorporated the feature, I just simply want to maximize the full potential of the camera and you’ll get the result out of your taste. I guess I’m doing pretty well at it and would still continue to polish things until I am satisfied. I will be updating my portfolio page with it as well.