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High Dynamic Range the future of photography

It’s been a while since I posted, sorry guys I just got busy the past several days with some event and personal shoots. So you guys might be wondering what I have been doing lately? Want to guess? Nah I know it’s already up there on my headline (grin*). Most of you know that I have been doing glamour shoots, for models and promoters portfolio including individuals who like their own personal photos. These not necessarily mean I’m a one dimensional photographer and can only do glamour. So I dragged myself outside of my usual routine and tried out doing something different, this time around I’m not in the studio with a model, what I have is my Sony Alpha A77 (Thank you Sony) and a tripod ready to take a walk outside.


Canon EOS 6D on Photokina

A few hours from today, Photokina the world's largest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries will again be open. This happens every two years where the biggest brands on the market will exhibits their newest products and will give the consumers an idea what the future holds for industry. Everyone in Germany right now is anticipating lots of product release coming from the likes of Leica, Canon, Nikon and Sony.


Don't wake up until September ends

The foreign band Greenday popularize a song “September Ends”, but for the month of September 2012, came out with great news were most people doesn’t want it to just end yet. Here are the things that bedazzled us for the last few days.

12 Sept. 2012 - Sony releases the first Full Frame digital camera with the Sony RX1 along with it is the new Alpha SLT-A99 24mp Full frame DSLT (Single Lens Translucent) and lastly the NEX-6 having a SELP1650 power zoom lens.


Nikon D600 in less than 24 hours... Hopefully!

 I have been a follower of nikonrumors website for about 3 years now, tracking every bit of details for any of their DSLR announcement. Since I made my crossover coming from the brand of red ring and embracing the yellow and black (The Darkside), before anything else I would like everyone to know that am not a Nikon expert or a guru who knows the history of their DSLR system. I’m just here to express my expectations on a recent rumor that I’m so agitated. Being passionate to the world of photography since 2009, I have been waiting for Nikon to jump on the caravan for the megapixel race against their competitors. In past years, most Nikon DSLRs from their entry, mid and professional levels are annexed at 12mp. You can only enjoy a higher pixel rate performance on a D3X which many of us know have a hefty price tag.


Ridin' Ablaze Sony DI Challenge II's: Colors and Light Challenge

The first challenge was thrilling as expected, most of the competitors are campaigning their work at this early stage of the contest. This is the first time we saw each others works and it's like playing an online poker game, we don't know who has a better card in hand. Adding up a spice to the competition is by gathering a give me a pixel (votes) for our entries, the viewers has their chance to choose which of the entries they feel deserves to win. So having a good friend or a campaign manager will have an advantage with type of a scheme (Grin*).


The Falling Towers: Sony DI Challenge II's 12FPS Photo Challenge

I mentioned in my last post that during the last kick-off event, we were handed a booklet that contains the challenges that we are to do. There are basically four (4) challenges that we must do for the whole course of the program. The first challenge that was given to us was, to utilize the camera's 12 frames per second function to capture the motion of fast moving object in each frame. After achieving such photos, we will then merge the 12 frames into one single frame showing the flow of motion.


Sony Alpha A77: It's The Real Deal

Being a finalist for the Sony DI challenge has its perks! First, you have the chance to use their flagship camera system for a month, second is your challenge output will be published and campaigned on their Facebook page (international exposure) and lastly winning the competition makes you an ambassador for Sony MEA (Middle East and Africa) until they conduct the 3rd Sony DI challenge.


The Sony DI Challenge II: I'm In It

Last year, Sony MEA (Middle East and Africa) came up with a challenge for aspiring photographers both in professional and amateur category to showcase their ability and creativity by using the latest photographic equipment of Sony. A selection was made to draw out the 10 best participants, 5 for each category among thousands of hopefuls which entered the challenge. The selected amateur participants will receive the NEX-7 while the Pros received the new Sony Alpha A77 to be used during the competition.


I'm Back! With Vengeance! Ha!...with Lots of Practice Shoots, I Mean! :)

I've never had the chance to give time to my blog after i have my introduction post way back March. I last wrote a post for my blog and it was surprising when I saw that I got  that my blog post got 44 hits! Ha!. It really inspired me more to pursue my blogging and share what happened on my absence for the last months of absence. I'm currently doing shoots to start my portfolio this 2012 and for my life partner, Cookie, as well for her makeup & beauty blog (,you'll see some of the photos here that's the same ones posted on her page.