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Codename: SPACEFISH | HINK to make an innovation to present day flashguns

A company named HINK." recently made a stir in the photography industry by stating a phrase "A new horizon for image makers". What does it mean? As per their Facebook Page points out, it will be another kind of flash gun that would forever change the way of photographers. 

Seriously! there is still no concrete information in what type of a flashgun they are going to launch and at present time the only details it has was that the product was coined as "Spacefish" and it will be launch this summer.

I wonder how will they square up in the market? Obviously there was a dramatic increase of flash gun manufacturers for the last two years. We cannot hide the fact that when the Chinese infiltrated the photographic community there have been a multitude of  options a person can choose from. I must say that the Chinese started the photography revolution in terms of the needs for low cost gears. The likes of Phottix and Yongnuo had already became a household name due to the prices of their products which are just a fraction of a cost compared to the established brands that we used to buy. 

If this great innovation of Hink. really does a ground breaking technology in terms of design and functionality wouldn't it ring a bell that it might not be a flash gun for the masses? It's still a puzzle   to be solve unless there are some leaks of a photo of the prototype where I can base my predictions. For now I'll wait for further announcement just like a old quote say "If there is smoke, there is fire" so let's all wait for that smoke to come up.

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