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BEDOUIN | A Time With The Kenyan Tribe

It was an opportunity for an aspiring photographer like me to shoot a Kenyan Bedouin tribe last February during the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). You guys might be wondering what is the connection of DSF with these people? It was the initiative of the festival organizers to educate the people with the old cultural ways of nomadic era to the modern living nowadays.

The Bedouin camp consisted of several Middle Eastern and African tribes that wandered through their lives in the desert. The Saharans caught my attention during our visit because I have been always fascinated with the photos of travel/documentary photographers in Africa. The images of photojournalist Brent Stirton; and travel photographer Joey "JoeyL" Lawrence has always been an inspiration to hold. Their photos are breath-taking to gaze upon, as it depicts strong meaning and stories behind the culture and lives of their subjects.

During our stay with this amazing tribe I took a chance to do my own images with them. I aimed to produce photos with a dramatic but powerful effect. So I opted to do a one light set up that I feel will achieve my goal.

YN-565EX 1/16@35mm zoom with Honl 1/4 cto gel at camera left

This is what I came up with!

View at large HERE

View at large HERE

View at large HERE

I hope to travel someday and visit other countries and make my own documentation with their culture and beliefs.

To check out the rest of the photos from this set, you can click HERE.

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