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I AM | CUSTOMER CARE... Time for some Camera Loving

Great news fellow Nikon afficionados! Nikon Middle East and Africa (Nikon MEA) has recently announced a free sensor cleaning program for FX format camera users, starting tomorrow January 31st up to February 2, 2013. Yes, you read it right guys this will be just exclusive to full frame owners while the DX holders (that includes me) must wait for another announcement. It is still a gracious move by the company and a privilege for the FX users to save $50 dollars from their pocket and get their sensor specks free.


Personal Project for EVA DVORACKOVA | Fitness Coach on composite

I am a self confess 500px fan and I see to it that I spend most my day looking into jaw dropping photos to keep my inspiration up high. In this site I came to stumble great images of Neil Kremer, Glyn Dewis, Joel Grimes and Dean Bradshaw, their works are composites or back in the days  called photo montages. If you guys doesn't have a clue what is it, to briefly explain it is an image composed of 2 or more images blended to make a single one.


HIPA Started Strong for 2013

HIPA (Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award) one of the most prestigious photography competition in the world had recently conducted free photography workshops for photography enthusiast. The workshops lasted for 3 days and were facilitated by well re-known photographers like Martin Grahame-Dunn, Joseph Smith and Tom Ang. 


41st UAE National Day a simple tribute

I always admire the people of U.A.E (United Arab Emirates)every time they will celebrate their national day as the spirit of patriotismis very high and overwhelming. The preparation is a week before the event whereyou can immediately see the streets decorated in so many ways. The residentialhouses are decorated with flags which hung’s on the rafters, flaglets are givento everyone at the malls and the towering icon of UAE, the Burj Khalifa emitsthe colors of the flag through their lights from its base up to the tip, simplya sign of unity and respect to their leaders and country.

I came up with an idea of doing a street shoot as my way ofa tribute in celebrating the 41st National Day as an expat here inU.A.E. We dressed up accordingly to the colors of their flag and brought alongsome props to be use, went down to the streets and made a 2 cross lights strobeset up. Here are the outcomes of the shoot :)

Strobist info: 
Shot with Nikon D700 + Nikkor 85mm f1.8D @ ISO 400 f2 1/160s

YN560 M @1/8 Zoom 24mm in octagonal soft box on a Manfrotto 5001B Nano Black Light Stand at camera left.
YN560 M @1/16 Zoom 70mm with 1/4 CTO gel on Manfrotto 5001B Nano Black Light Stand right

The shoot was inspired from Dustin Diaz  book "This is Strobist Info".

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I'm BACK for 2013

I might be late on welcoming the year 2013 as we are already on its 9th day and after an agonizing months waiting to have a proper connection for an internet line, I’m so glad to say FINALLY I’M BACK. I owe you guys a lot after my long hiatus and I even had this feel of itch to write things right away.