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THE SPECTATOR : Sony DI Challenge II Candid scene 4th challenge

The Sony DI Challenge II is about to end as it is now on its last stage of the challenge. This will be my final push to be Sony’s amateur photographer winner (If I got lucky), we’ll never know until the final curtain falls at the awarding ceremony. So let us go back with the entry I made because this will be my final justification for this challenge. The 4th challenge was all about capturing a candid scene, to elaborate it a little further I need to take photos of a human subject by not knowing I’m snapping them. As I was thinking of what to capture I always remember the phrase from a mentor couple of years ago that if you capture an image it should have some story to it.

All the years that I have been into photography I clearly understand that a camera is not just a thing you carry around your neck and clicking it to get souvenir shots of what you see. The camera we have is a tool that we can use to express what we want other people to see and feel. That’s where the story comes to play in your photograph; it should portray the emotions and questions of curiosity. Let me explain it my own simple way, I’m not an artist, I can’t paint nor sketch an image on a white canvass so I cannot expressed what I feel or envision. So with the help of a camera and proper composition I can take a photo with expression and be like an artist in my own way. I hope I made my point about it.

I was with my wife at Dubai mall to visit her sister at work and also to have some time bond with each other. I brought along my Sony Alpha A77 just in case that a spur of moment came at least I can catch it. It was late afternoon when we settle to have ice coffee while we chat and view the sunset from the side of Dubai fountain. Suddenly I then realize that capturing a photo during the fountain show will be interesting, lots of people visits the area see a glimpse of the dancing fountains. As the sun sets down and the lights from manmade lake lit up, it was a sign that fountain show is about to start and you could see the visitors piling up the area.

A hum of music started to play and all people rush along the steel railings to get as close as possible for a decent view of the show. I’m observing things as everyone find a place for themselves when I saw a kid and his dad together watching behind the crowded area. The father can easily see the show but his son is having difficulty viewing, he immediately lifted him up to his shoulders so they can enjoy the show together. I quickly draw my camera and took snaps as their eyes are glued in amazement on the attraction along with other spectators of the show. 

It was a nice capture for me to show how a father loves his son and at that moment they enjoy the company of each other. I usually envy the kids here in U.A.E as they are very lucky to have their parents with them, compared to us that we have to strive for a living on a distant land and being apart to our love ones back home. Nothing beats the reality of being with the love of a family…

As the competition will close I would like to say thank you to all people who believed in me and shared their love and support on all my entries, I did my best for you all and it was a wonderful experience.

Again THANK YOU!!!! 

May our almighty God bless you all in return.

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Thank you for supporting me in the Sony DI Challenge guys :)

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  1. We cannot be more proud of you and your work. And you certainly justified your passion for photography by capturing this awesome photo of father and son moment. Win or lose--you are still the best for us :) <3

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