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I'm BACK for 2013

I might be late on welcoming the year 2013 as we are already on its 9th day and after an agonizing months waiting to have a proper connection for an internet line, I’m so glad to say FINALLY I’M BACK. I owe you guys a lot after my long hiatus and I even had this feel of itch to write things right away.

The things that you missed:

The Sony DI Challenge II

So what did you miss?? The Sony DI Challenge II has ended and the awarding was done last December at Radisson Blu Hotel in Media City. I didn’t win in my category but I’m happy that it is all over, if you’re wondering who won the competition you could check it out in their FB page here. Nothing more to elaborate but again I want to say THANK YOU to all who have supported me throughout the challenge.

The U.A.E National Day

Coverage for International DJ, DJ Patife in Dubai

Kompass magazine cover shoot with Dubai Properties Dr. Martin Berlin

Commercial shoot with Personal Trainer Eva Dvorackova

I don’t like to have a lengthy comeback note and sum up everything in this, so I’ll be posting the things I have done during the last quarter of 2012.

Thanks for your time...

 The Hot Shoe Anthologist