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Ridin' Ablaze Sony DI Challenge II's: Colors and Light Challenge

The first challenge was thrilling as expected, most of the competitors are campaigning their work at this early stage of the contest. This is the first time we saw each others works and it's like playing an online poker game, we don't know who has a better card in hand. Adding up a spice to the competition is by gathering a give me a pixel (votes) for our entries, the viewers has their chance to choose which of the entries they feel deserves to win. So having a good friend or a campaign manager will have an advantage with type of a scheme (Grin*).

Let me clear that having the most votes doesn't mean an instant winner but it will help us competitors to get 25% chance from the total criteria of judging. That's already a big stat to fill our individual score cards and the 75% percent remaining will be beyond our creativity and the decision by the management of Sony. So guy's you still have the chance to vote my first challenge entry (wink*).

I can still feel the hype of the previous challenge and now the second part is ongoing. This time the criteria given to us is, to showcase the power of the BIONZ processor in terms of harnessing light and colors using the long exposure method. I had several ideas that came into my mind immediately, but as the day passes, I've been very busy and at the same time a humid dusty weather at night, most of my ideas came into a halt. Suddenly I realized that I only had two days to come up with something.

As time is running out and pressure is choking me up to my neck, I made a decision and told myself that need to go back to my basics. This is what I learned when I was still having my photography class a few years ago. Night shoots does not only express capturing images with their lights on, still creativity must play a part on the picture. I went out for the last remaining days to capture an entry that will fit for my challenge 2. We went to a nearby Park and I was hoping to snap landscape with its reflection but it didn't went good due to a dusty sky, then I saw a connecting bridge of the park and below it is Zaabel Road, I wonder if I can get all the light streaks of every vehicles passing it.

I set up my tripod and camera but there is a hindrance... the railings of the bridge has been blocked by a fiberglass wall that stands more than 1.5 meters. I was really determined to get the photo that I want even though I know there is a chance I might get busted. My friend became a look out for anything that might come up, as I was trying to climb up the railings, I heard my friend yelling that something or someone is approaching. I didn't push through with the plan as I've seen the Dubai Authority personnel are roaming the park and he has his eyes on us. Another epic fail for my entry, that's the life of a photographer we always want to be different even though we take risk for it.

As we walk away I saw the metro station from a far, the cocoon shape of it attracted me already and as I look around the nearby elements I noticed that I can frame the old and new Dubai that night on a single frame. I first notice facade of the metro having this leading lines, curvaceous roof and the bright colors of lights emitted from the glass window. Along in the frame is Etisalat  building with its own state of the art design and lastly the first building that ever stand in Sheikh Zayed Road "The Trade Center" still holding its ground throughout the decades, between the new landmarks of the city.

I was so pleased with the outcome, not only behind of it is a story but also I have taken the advantage of the Alpha A77 BIONZ technology to produce a photo with vivid colors popping into it.

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