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Nikon D600 in less than 24 hours... Hopefully!

 I have been a follower of nikonrumors website for about 3 years now, tracking every bit of details for any of their DSLR announcement. Since I made my crossover coming from the brand of red ring and embracing the yellow and black (The Darkside), before anything else I would like everyone to know that am not a Nikon expert or a guru who knows the history of their DSLR system. I’m just here to express my expectations on a recent rumor that I’m so agitated. Being passionate to the world of photography since 2009, I have been waiting for Nikon to jump on the caravan for the megapixel race against their competitors. In past years, most Nikon DSLRs from their entry, mid and professional levels are annexed at 12mp. You can only enjoy a higher pixel rate performance on a D3X which many of us know have a hefty price tag.

The management during that time was not even aggressive to bite the line or let’s say are deft on what the market is dictating for, the hunger for massive megapixels. I even remember that catastrophic flood hit Thailand which submerge their manufacturing factory has became a setback for production. It is still a waiting game for Nikon faithfuls to have an upgrade on their arsenals which users are already demanding. Until they released the Big Mama! The D800/D800E the replacement of their long time D700 full frame DSLR. Boosting a 36.3mp sensor enough to wipe their competitors offer in the market.

Now another rumor is buzzing around, I have been hearing a replacement or some of them say an in between DSLR for Semi-pros and Pros for more than a year now. The D600, a camera that  rumor says will be the best budgeted FX format (Full Frame) DSLR of Nikon. See below nikonrumors information.

“The price of the Nikon D600 in Japan is rumored to be ¥215,000 (around $2,700), the price of a D600 with 24-85mm kit lens: ¥270,000 (around $3,400). The camera is expected to start shipping on September 27, 2012.”

“I have received several indications that this time Nikon is ready to start shipping this camera very soon after the announcement.”

“The US prices of Nikon gear are usually lower, but at that point I think we can forget about a sub-$2,000 full frame Nikon camera. The D800 costs around ¥298,000 in Japan and $3000 in the US. With this ratio, I expect the D600 US price to be around $2,100.”

                                                  photo courtesy of Nikonrumors

I also saw an invitation from Nikon Middle East and Grand Stores where a friend was invited for a press launch tomorrow evening. Is this what we are waiting for? Hopefully, if all pieces fall correctly, then it will be another celebration for those who are waiting for an upgrade. Lets cross our fingers =). 

Photo courtesy of Chris

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