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Sony Alpha A77: It's The Real Deal

Being a finalist for the Sony DI challenge has its perks! First, you have the chance to use their flagship camera system for a month, second is your challenge output will be published and campaigned on their Facebook page (international exposure) and lastly winning the competition makes you an ambassador for Sony MEA (Middle East and Africa) until they conduct the 3rd Sony DI challenge.

A kick-off meeting was held last 11 of August 2012. I was accompanied by my wife as we were both really excited for this event.  This is the first time that all finalists from both the amateur and professional categories will meet along with the representatives of Sony MEA. It was nice to see that there are other 3 fellow Filipinos,who had made the list, two (2) of them were included in the professional level and the other 1 along with me in the amateur category.

Upon entering the premise and seeing the roll-up banner at the staircase,  I realized this is the "real deal". The formal competition will start after this meeting and I must, should, have to, outlast the other 4 individuals in month's time.

A video documentation was shoot before the formal meeting kicked in. We were lined up, switching places with one other and we were asked to go up and down the staircase. I was a little bit nervous (...and sweaty!)  because I'm not used to being in videos but knowing you'll be in YouTube is way too cool--so, that kinda made me relaxed :D

Now the best part of all was, the participants were gathered in the meeting room and we were all given our challenge handbook and a couple of Sony Alpha shirts and jackets. I've been wanting to have that jacket so bad because a couple of years ago, Sony became the sponsor for the photography organization I joined, but i didn't get the chance to get one. Finally! I have my own Alpha jacket that I can sport in the cooler months! :p

The meeting started by introducing all finalists and telling a brief description how we knew about the challenge. After the introduction, Mr. Morimoto of Sony MEA started out the presentation for the Sony DI Challenge II along with its mechanics, grading systems and best part was the equipment that they will lend us during the course of the competition.

The Sony Alpha A77 with SAL-1650 f2.8 lens was handed to us with an extra 50 mm SAL-50F18 f1.8 as well. This is the  latest flagship camera of Sony that boost a 12 fps. burst speed due to the translucent mirror technology. If you guys don't have any idea about Sony's system for digital imaging, I think it is worth your time to read and view some of the reviews made for this DSLR.

I will not do an extensive review for this piece of a beast, already lots of reviews were made all over the web, but what I will share with you are my personal thoughts as I will use it during the challenge course.

Below are links that you might want to visit to learn more about Sony Alpha A77.

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