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TWICHING | To reach Qatar and Oman soon

Great news guys! A U.A.E based online retail store of photography and videography equipment Twiching will be reaching out the neighboring Gulf countries of Qatar and Oman. According to its co-founders Maneef and Jeleel, Twiching will flex out their services to the nearby countries to deliver on the demands of its consumers who are currently outside the Emirates regions.

Twiching, which recently celebrated it's 1st year in the business has grown steadfast by catering cost-efficient equipments to most of their consumers. I had the oppurtunity to personally met their team during the Photoworld 2013 exhibition last April and saw the wide range of products. So If you are a hobbyist, amateur or semi-pro, I will honestly say that they will be a great aid for your needs.

Let us admit, photography is a very costly hobby or profession (If your turning full time) from the day you bought your first DSLR, your spending doesn't stop at that point. As you discover and learn things, you tend to buy stuffs that will help you out to achieve your desired photos, whether it is a reflector, filters, flashguns, tripod, studio lights etc., Twiching gives you that option with their streamline of third-party products (unless you have a fat wallet and it will not burn a hole on your pocket by purchasing the branded ones) that you can choose from.

So if you are just starting out in photography or an experienced one who is looking for alternative equipments as a back-up, Twiching si your answer!

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