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HIPA | Accepting Entries for 2014

I was chatting around with my photographer friend Elmer and while we were exchanging ideas, out of nowhere he asked me to check the website of HIPA. I immediately keyed-in their website and I got surprised that the website design was totally revamped and was given a complate facade-lift. To those who have seen the website before the old Arabic inspired template was replaced by a more minimalist approach, which I personally think fits their label of being international.

I found some cool changes in it, they now have a featured banner where a slideshow of previous selected photos can be seen, also they have a newly added menu "Photographers Directory" where I guess they will put the names of previous winners for easy reference, but it is still in working progress.

The great news aside from the newly constructed website is that, this prestigious competition  spearheaded by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum have opened its "Creating the Future" 2014 competition, just 3 days after p their 2013 "Beauty of Light" winner. Aspirants all over the world can submit entries as early as now and take their chance on winning the coveted grand prize of $120,000. 

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HIPA has once again been kind enough to its participants as they lengthened the time frame for accepting entries, It started last 21st March 2013 and will end up accepting entries on the 31st December 2013. It will be a long 9 months of tedious filtering thousands of photographs from all over the world and a much bigger responsibility for the HIPA team to carefully pick the deserving winners.

So what are you guys waiting for? HIPA is calling all of you to register and join now for HIPA 2014.

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