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Two days from now the most anticipated yearly photography event will again open its doors to all aspiring and professional photographers. The Gulf Photo Plus Week is the biggest event in photography here in the Middle East, and will run from 1st to 8th of March. It will be a week with loads of learning and interaction with the  best international photographers at present time.

So what is GPP (Gulf Photo Plus)??

I know GPP is spear-headed by Mohamed Somji, whom I’ve personally met several times from previous GPP Weeks, as well at Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. He has a great team that helps him run GPP in the likes of Ms. Hala, Ms. Lindsay and Michael. Seriously, GPP is the biggest player in the photography community here in the GCC. They are right in the center, wherein; once a year people of different nationalities from different countries, gather all together to learn new things and get acquainted with others having the same passion. You can check their website here to know more about them.

What do I expect from GPP Week this year?

Everyone in the UAE who have  been to the event always look forward to something called “PHOTOFRIDAY”.  I consider it as the All-Star Weekend of NBA (I’m a hoops fan) where you can meet and mingle with the Pros. The GPP Group always comes up with great line-ups of professionals who share and teach participants who attends the event. My expectation is that, I will be able to harbour fresh ideas & new inspiration from them. Here’s the current line-up for this year’s Photofriday.


Lindsay Adler
David Alan Harvey
Eduardo Angel
Scott Hargis
Peter Hurley
John Keatley.


Zack “One Light” Arias
David Burnett
Greg “Light Guru” Heisler
David “Strobist” Hobby
Bobbi Lane
David Nightingale
Joe “Numnuts” McNally

So if you haven’t registered yet with GPP week, you still have time to do so and take part in the GPP experience. 

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