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Personal Project for EVA DVORACKOVA | Fitness Coach on composite

I am a self confess 500px fan and I see to it that I spend most my day looking into jaw dropping photos to keep my inspiration up high. In this site I came to stumble great images of Neil Kremer, Glyn Dewis, Joel Grimes and Dean Bradshaw, their works are composites or back in the days  called photo montages. If you guys doesn't have a clue what is it, to briefly explain it is an image composed of 2 or more images blended to make a single one.

Many of you might not be a fan of photoshop works but what I am trying to embrace here is the fact that it is the reality. Since the digital era has taken over the film days, let's face it photography has broadened its range and possibilities as far as we can imagine. So I have wanted to do my own composite work when luckily a former model friend of mine Eva asked if I’m still interested for a shoot, I immediately said yes. We planned things right away and she helped me look up for a venue, a great one she got Contender Gym owned by famous MMA fighter Tam Khan.

The day of the shoot came and I have prepared myself for it, I was accompanied by my partners Elmer and Norman who took my behind-the-scene video The images I wanted to create must look great at least as close to the works of the guys I mentioned above and having this commercial like feel into it.

Here's how we did it: 

I started out by taking shots of the place that will be my HDR image that I will be using as my background.

Then set-up the lights which I used the typical Joel Grimes set-up as for lighting my subject. This gives the edge lighting that is a signature lighting pattern in most commercial composite images. 

You can watch the entire BTS 

Here are the final images of the shoot

Before I forgot just for a back of information of my friend Eva Dvorackova, she was a pro-model who shifted her career into the world of fitness and health. She is a certified fitness trainer and runs a blog site of her own name 

So how did you find it? I hope I did some justice trying out the works of these pro photographers. You can also check out the photos on my 500px and Flickr.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for my friends Elmer Magallanes Jr. and Norman Binco Jr. for helping me out and producing a wonderful BTS video.

Thanks for your time... 

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