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I'm Back! With Vengeance! Ha!...with Lots of Practice Shoots, I Mean! :)

I've never had the chance to give time to my blog after i have my introduction post way back March. I last wrote a post for my blog and it was surprising when I saw that I got  that my blog post got 44 hits! Ha!. It really inspired me more to pursue my blogging and share what happened on my absence for the last months of absence. I'm currently doing shoots to start my portfolio this 2012 and for my life partner, Cookie, as well for her makeup & beauty blog (,you'll see some of the photos here that's the same ones posted on her page.

Here in the Middle East (U.A.E), it's really hard to do on-location shoots due to strict security measures, sometimes permits are needed to shoot on a certain locations and of course the difference in culture and beliefs plays a lot. So if your'e just like me, who's a beginner in photography, you should be resourceful enough to do certain projects that will not be "too hot in the eyes" of the authorities. Resourceful in a way that you must think of doing only a one-man production, from model, to location-scouting; and hiring an assist if needed. I'm very fortunate enough that half of my burden is being relieved because Cookie is already a make-up artist and at the same time, my best assist.

The following are some shoots I've done for the last months.

Click HERE to view this photo at large.

The shoot was inspired by Dustin Diaz's book "This Is Strobist Info", which was lent to me by one of my photography friends. To tell you honestly, what's inside the book is just merely photos of his work but for those of you who are just starting to learn off-camera flash, I think it is justifiable to read Dustin's explanation on the advantage of having lots of flashes and tackling the inverse square law.

One of the photos in Dustin's book was a shoot for a client in which he used a grey brick wall on an outside location. The shot was executed in a very simple manner but the outcome was amazing. I keep telling myself that one day I'll look for a location with a brick wall and will do a shoot of my own. One day, by pure sheer luck, I was invited for a meeting with my assigned group in advanced class for portrait and fashion. The walls along the hallway are made of bricks. I got so excited so I immediately asked my friend if I could do a shoot (without any hassles with their building management), and he quickly answered, "yes you can". I was so thrilled! :)

Right after that meeting, I immediately messaged our favorite model, Karyll, to do a shoot with us during her free time, with some finality about details of the concept. And...tadaaaa! I finally produced my own shoot with brick wall as background!

Tales of the Shoot:

1/8 power M Yongnuo YN-565EX mounted on a 43" Silver reflective umbrella on a 5001b Manfrotto Nano-stand (camera left)
1/32 power M Yongnuo YN-560 with 1/2 CTO bare flash on a 5001b Manfrotto Nano-stand (camera right)

I dunno if i can overcome the backlog  to catch up for my blog post  in every shoot i did since last March, but definitely i would be more active to share things with you all!

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Peace Yah!