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About Me

I am a Dubai based photographer. I grew up seeing my Dad work in a darkroom, processing rolls of films for prints, T.V. commercials and movies back then in the 90's. He used to lend me our Kodak Star 110 camera pre-loaded with a film roll of negatives (Lomo films) to snap off my school events.

I fell in love with the craft when I started my photography last 2009 with a crash course for basic photography through a Filipino organization under the auspices of Philippine consulate. Since then, I joined  workshops and other crash courses for portrait and fashion photography to further enhance my skills.

I am currently pursuing beauty and glamour photography, which I feel; showcases women-- at their best, therefore produce beautiful images. Concentrating on this doesn’t mean I am limited, I can also do portrait, fashion, events and architectural photography.

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